About us


B-Mac Company's mission is to provide equipment, manpower, and supervision to the Oil and Gas Industry for the construction of process facilities. B-Mac Company provides a positive constructive atmosphere where the employee learns various skills and trades related to the construction of Oil and Gas Facilities. B-Mac's mission also includes ethical, moral, and patriotic values within each employee.


The objective of B-MAC company is not to be the largest in the oil industry. our goal is to be the best.


The vision of B-MAC Company is not to be the largest in the construction of the oil and gas industry. As the primary goal you want to be the best.


B-Mac Company originated in Odessa, Texas January 06, 1995. It is a sole proprietorship owned by Michael McCreery. Mr. McCreery has had 49 years of experience in the oilfield construction industry.

Corporate values

All the B-Mac Company staff are cross trained to perform the different tasks that are required in the construction of the project that they are working on. This allows B-Mac to complete projects with fewer personnel without affecting the end-date which in turn affects the bottom line of the total project. B-Mac Company's main objective in the oil industry is to provide its employees a safe professional and motivating atmosphere to perform the various tasks necessary in the construction of oil and gas facilities.